Thoughts on how to find my crafty mojo again...

2020 has been a challenge(I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks that).  One of the many things I have reflected on during this time is “what is important to me?” or “what is something I am missing because life keeps getting in the way?” I really miss my knitting, cross stitch, and reading.  I have had a hard time focusing on anything other than just getting through the day most of this year. With that in mind, I’m going to attempt to jumpstart my mojo and focus in July by challenging myself to knit for at least 30 minutes every day.  I have some specific WIPs that I want to make progress on.  Specifically my Find Your Fade shawl and a small rug for my daughter’s dorm room. I want to get some WIPs finished before I start anything else and I have a lot of WIPs. I’m also in the planning stages of getting my cross stitching time back.  I haven’t stitched in about 2 years and I am really starting to miss it but I need a plan and to organize first as my cross stitch stuff is burie

Fall Goals

Craft goals: **finish baby gift—blanket and hat **finish bath mat for Diva’s dorm room **finish something on my current wip list  Fitness: **lose 10 pounds **finish a round of Chalene Extreme Find at least one day a week for myself.


Balancing work, family, and “me” time is very difficult to juggle.  Since going back to work 3.5 years ago I feel like I cannot balance any aspect of my life.  Anytime I feel like I may be getting the hang of things life seems to throw a curveball and I’m back to square one.  But things are more up than down as of late.  I’m hoping to find more time to post for me.

Random Thoughts

I feel like the last two years have added about 30 to my life.  Lots of “downs” with very few “ups”.  Things seems to be slowly righting themselves and I’m trying to get back to some solid ground. I have had almost no time to pursue things I enjoy(like knitting, stitching, reading, exercise) and I’m really starting to see the toll that has taken on me, physically and mentally.  I’m going to be forcing myself to schedule time for these things.  Yesterday was the first time in a long time I was able to spend an afternoon knitting and it felt great.


I cannot wait for 2016 to be over.  This has been one of the longest, most stressful years in my life.  I am hard pressed most days to find something to be positive about.  My kiddos continue to be my light. I'm hopeful that 2017 will bring a positive change in my immediate circle but judging by the results of our November election, I'm guessing that as far as the nation goes 2017 will be another very long year. Here's to happier new year for everyone. :)

What's on the needles? Spring 2016 edition

It has been an interesting year so far at Casa KiP to say the least.  Lots of changes, lots of rolling with the punches.  The biggest change for me is that I am working part time(25-30 hours per week).  It's been quite a change for all of us but we are getting settled in to a routine. Because of the changes, crafting time has been hard to come by but I have managed to get some things done by working on some focus pieces. As far as knitting goes the current rotation includes: --A pair of simple skyp socks --A hexagon sock scrap blanket And. . .hold on to your hats. . .I have been cross stitching! I decided to focus on one piece this year.  My HAED Storykeeper by Selina Fenech.  As with most of my stitching projects it has been in the WIP pile for far too long.  I have loved this piece since it was first released and I have been inspired to pick it as my focus piece for the year. I have also been using it for the HAED SAL on Facebook so when I post WIP picks there ma

Year End List 2015

1.  Top Five Finished Objects **Links to the patterns on Ravelry -- Pittsburgh Penguins Crackerjack Cowl, a visual reminder of the 2014-2015 season --2015 Felted Clogs , I wore out my first pair and I love them they are ugly but comfortable --Socks That Rock Pebble Beach Jaywalker socks, I love the pattern and the colorway. --First pair of socks without a pattern which is crazy because I've been knitting socks forever and I've never tried to knit a pair without a pattern until this year. -- Mystic Spiral socks, I wanted to try a new technique. 2.  Favorite Yarn Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock Lightweight This has been my favorite yarn forever it seems.  I try all kinds of sock yarn but these colorways and this yarn always seems to be my favorite go to :) 3.  Favorite Inspirations Book:   The Divergent series by Veronica Roth.  I didn't read a lot this year and I got inspired to read these after I saw the first movie.  Of course the