Wednesday, April 06, 2016

What's on the needles? Spring 2016 edition

It has been an interesting year so far at Casa KiP to say the least.  Lots of changes, lots of rolling with the punches.  The biggest change for me is that I am working part time(25-30 hours per week).  It's been quite a change for all of us but we are getting settled in to a routine.

Because of the changes, crafting time has been hard to come by but I have managed to get some things done by working on some focus pieces.

As far as knitting goes the current rotation includes:

--A pair of simple skyp socks
Simple Skyps again 4/2016

--A hexagon sock scrap blanket
Sock scrapghan March progress

And. . .hold on to your hats. . .I have been cross stitching!

I decided to focus on one piece this year.  My HAED Storykeeper by Selina Fenech.  As with most of my stitching projects it has been in the WIP pile for far too long.  I have loved this piece since it was first released and I have been inspired to pick it as my focus piece for the year.
HAED Storykeeper March 2016

I have also been using it for the HAED SAL on Facebook so when I post WIP picks there may be some interesting things going on with it since Michele(our HAED fearless leader) has been having us try different techniques for each SAL--hence the squares on the piece right now.  It's been fun and motivating to try something out of my normal stitching comfort zone.  I am a little afraid of the current SAL as we have to pick one page with at least 5 colors and stitch only one color at a time cross country style until the page is done--that will be so hard for me as I am pretty dedicated to doing my 10x10 blocks on HAEDs.

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