Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Year End List 2015

1.  Top Five Finished Objects

**Links to the patterns on Ravelry

-- Pittsburgh Penguins Crackerjack Cowl, a visual reminder of the 2014-2015 season
--2015 Felted Clogs, I wore out my first pair and I love them they are ugly but comfortable
--Socks That Rock Pebble Beach Jaywalker socks, I love the pattern and the colorway.
--First pair of socks without a pattern which is crazy because I've been knitting socks forever and I've never tried to knit a pair without a pattern until this year.
--Mystic Spiral socks, I wanted to try a new technique.

2.  Favorite Yarn

This has been my favorite yarn forever it seems.  I try all kinds of sock yarn but these colorways and this yarn always seems to be my favorite go to :)

3.  Favorite Inspirations

Book:  The Divergent series by Veronica Roth.  I didn't read a lot this year and I got inspired to read these after I saw the first movie.  Of course the books are always better than the movie!

Magazine:  HGTV and People are the only two magazines I read with any regularity anymore.

Pattern:  Skyp Rib socks, the same designer who did the Simple Skyp which is an all time favorite

App:  Pittsburgh Penguins App, I could not live without it during hockey season!

Website:  DietBet, Etsy, and, of course Ravelry

4.  5 Inspirations

--My daughter!  She is growing into an amazing young lady.  I love how she seems so secure in herself and her decisions.  It's bittersweet seeing my baby girl grow up but I can see the beginnings of an amazing life for her.
--My son!  He became a teenager this month.  He has faced a lot of challenges and he never gives up.  I'm excited to see him start to find himself.
--Ravelry--as far as my knitting goes this is where I find so much inspiration and so many like minded people.
--My sisters.  They both manage to juggle families and careers.  The older I get the more I realize that family really is most important.  I wish we all lived closer.
--My husband!  He goes above and beyond for our family.  The fact that he has put up with me for so long is a credit to what an amazing man he is.

5.  Random Favorites
--Disney World trip in June 2015 with my daughter, my sister and her family!
--Blythe dolls. . .I was never really a doll person but a I have a small collection of these.  I love knitting and sewing for them.  I love taking pictures of them.  It's just a small thing I do purely for my own enjoyment :)
--21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix Extreme.  These were my primary workouts this past year.  I love them and I love the food plan, I just wish I was able to stick to it better ;)
--Simply Sock Yarn. . . my favorite online sock yarn store!!
--Heaven and Earth Designs. . .although I have had zero time to stitch this past year.  It is so inspiring to see the new patterns and to see everyone's WIPs

6.  Challenges for 2016
--Blog as least once per month.  Seriously, I had better be able to do at least that.
--Knit from Stash.  I am going to try very, very hard to knit from my stash during 2016
--Stitch!  I am going to set some monthly goals for myself and see if I can make progress on my stitching pieces
--Find more time to sew
--Read more, screen surf less
--Write more.
--Be happier.