Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Jane Lefroy Chronicles

April 2015:

 I received Neo Blythe doll, Jane Lefroy.  I LOVE her stock and she has a beautiful face and coloring.  She reminded me of Vinter Arden(who is one of my grail dolls).  I follow some Blythe happenings on Facebook and Flickr and when I started seeing pictures of Jane out of the box I was petrified.  This girl has crazy hair!  She has a TON of hair and for some reason Takara decided to try some sort of weird curliness in her hair.  It starts out smooth at the part and maybe 1/3 of the way down her head then it turns into an absolute rat's nest.  I was afraid to even take her out of the box.

19 August 2015 Jane Lefroy. .  Are you kidding me with this hair?   Holy hell :(

 August 2015:

I finally come up with the courage to open Jane up.  She is beautiful but OMG that hair!  It's very soft in spots but I cannot even run my fingers through it.  I have been doing some research on Blythe hair and I have done a few spas on my other dolls but they seem like child's play when faced with Jane's disaster hair.  I have seen other collectors who were actually able to tame her hair and I have gathered bits and pieces of what they did (On a side note, it is interesting to me how vague some collectors are on their dolly spa process.  When pressed they give a vague description but not much more.  I would be flattered if someone asked me what I did to my doll's hair because they wanted to figure out the same thing.).  I have decided to try and conquer Jane's hair.

JLF 26august2015 After spa 1 Back
25August2015:  Jane's first spa

I gave Jane her first hair wash to day.  I used Dawn dishwashing liquid to try and break up the rat's nest a bit.  I then used a mixture of 1.5 cap fulls unscented Downy and water and let her hair soak in that for two hours.  After that I was actually able to run my fingers through her hair but it seemed to come out of the process very dry still.  I braided her hair and put some rollers in the end of those to try and rein things in.  She is now drying for a day or two before I take the braids out and see how spa #1 went.  I'm positive I will have to do at LEAST one more to get her hair to look anything like I want it to.  Probably a lot more than one more.  I will spend the next couple of days researching what human shampoos help tame dryness and frizz.

JLF Spa 2 Back 26aug2015

28August2015:  Jane's second spa

Second wash.  Dawn, Argan Oil shampoo, 3 hour soak in undiluted, unscented Downy.  Before braiding her hair I used a little bit of leave in conditioner for frizzy hair.  I am very happy with the results ;)

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