Sunday, June 08, 2014

Summer 2014--Edited September 8, 2014

Summer break is upon us again at Casa KiP.

 Here is the ambitious tentative agenda:

1.  Reading--personal(Game of Thrones mostly) and with the kiddos(Kingdom Keepers)--DONE!
2.  Sewing--practice sewing doll clothes.--DONE!
3.  Quilting--finish at least one T-Shirt quilt.--Nope!
4.  Knitting--finish a GoT knitalong, work on socks, work on doll clothes--Nope, Done!, Done!
5.  Cleaning--work on the basement!--Nope!
6.  Travel--hopefully get to visit the cousins and throw in some overnight trips too.--Nope!
7.  Photography--work on getting some interesting doll pictures.--Done!
8.  Stitching--finish my 12 Days pattern and work on some HAED stuff.--Nope!
9.  Work on Smash books.--Done!

That is most of my list and on top of that I need to find some interesting things to do with the kiddos!