Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Still Here

I'm still around.

It's been a busy summer--family trips, company in town, ups & downs, life in general, and lately some Olympic viewing.  My kiddos head back to school in a couple of weeks so things should start to return to a normal schedule.

I have not had much crafty time at all.  I have been knitting randomly on one project all summer.  I have been looking for inspiration on Ravelry and I have some yarn that I think MUST have in my stash. . .Twisted Fiber Arts.  One of my friends finished a shawl in some of this yarn and WOW it is stunning.  If you go check out the site, make sure you look at the Evolutions yarn. . .amazing stuff.  If I can decide on a colorway, I will be ordering some for an Ene from Scarf Style.

I cross stitched briefly in July.  I am still redoing page one from the HAED Freebie SAL.  I think that I may need to just put that piece aside because it makes me angry every time I have to work on that page. . .I have never had to restitch an entire page and it really gets to me.

This fall I am hoping to get into a groove with my usual chores, decluttering my house(specifically, cleaning out the basement), my workouts(I have some weight loss goals I WILL hit by the end of the year), stitching, knitting, and other crafting I have been wanting to try, and I can't forget reading--I have quite the back log of books I am trying to get through.

There is never enough time in the day for everything you want to do.

Enjoy the last big month of summer!