Tuesday, March 06, 2012

5 Pet Peeves

1. Mothers who dress like street walkers when they pick their kids up from school--thigh high boots, black shorts, black tights, leather jacket--I'm not kidding and said mother wears this ensemble frequently--although looking at the description maybe she's a pirate, or a pirate wench?

2. People that refuse to drive the speed limit, especially in the left lane.

3. People that HAVE to get around you on the highway only to pull in front of you and slow down by 20 miles per hour.

4. Men in the grocery store, okay this may be a generalization and my apologies to any man who knows what they are doing there. If you don't know what you're looking for, either ask or get out of the way.

5. People who are ordering food and have to ask about EVERYTHING, then keep changing their mind, then order something really basic after playing 20 questions and holding up a large line of customers who probably know exactly what they want.

Okay, just had to get those off my chest.


StarSpry said...

I agree! I really HATE being stuck in traffic just because the 1 person in front of me is driving below the speed limit!! Slow/questioning people in lines drive me crazy too ;)

shazzump said...

I have to admit most of these drive me absolutely crazy, sometimes even livid. But for me the grocery store thing is chatters, people that have to stand side by side in the aisle to chat for an hour while the item I need is beside them (and they usually ignore excuse mes, there was an incident involving PMS, two chatters and my shopping cart, which was followed by much applause) :P
and having worked in the restaraunt business the last one really irritates me :)