Tuesday, November 22, 2011

IHSW--November Edition--Before & After

International Hermit and Stitch Weekend:

HAED Eternal Promise(Stewart--retired)



I will be keeping this piece out unti I finish this page. I seem to have an amazing talent for choosing HAED charts that are chucked full of confetti--it is a good thing I enjoy a challenge.

I am also competing in National Novel Writing Month this month which takes up almost all of my free time, I am at 26,208 words of my 50,000. I am a little behind but I am quickly gaining ground. I hope to be done by next weekend.


Marcy said...

Your stitchng looks great .... and good luck with your writing

Kate said...

That is beautiful progress! This is my fav HAED, so willl look forward to seeing it grow! :)

EvalinaMaria said...

Love your stitching. Good luck with the novel, can we read it when done?

Agi said...

Is there any HAED without confetti? :) BTW I love the colours in your project!