Sunday, November 13, 2011

Chalean Extreme--Month 3--The End!

CLX--finished it today and jotted down my final thoughts.

--I love the weight work in CLX. The three month program changes up each month to keep things fresh and keep results coming.
--The workout length is great. Each workout is between 30-45 minutes.
--The program is set up on a 5 day per week schedule (as opposed to 6 for most of the other BB programs I've done).
--I love the results I am getting. I definitely feel the drop in body fat and and I can really see a difference in my arms. All three times I went through P90X I noticed amazing strength gains but CLX has given more of the results I am looking for.
--Best nutrition plan--this program and Turbo Fire have had nutrition plans that really work for me. I love the food choices and most are not too labor intensive(I hate it when you need about 50 ingredients for one meal).
--The program comes with a motivational CD that I have been playing in the car and, though some people might not like it, it has been extremely helpful to me. It's helped keep me focused on what I want.

--You need equipment--lots of dumbbells or resistance bands. I have 5,8,10,12, 15, 20,a nd 25 pound dumbbells and I will need 30s if I run though it again.
--Only two cardio days per week. I combated this by either adding a cardio on one of the weight days(just remember the phrase 'steps before reps' because if you don't do cardio first you'll be too burnt to give it your all afterward) OR using one of the off days for a cardio of my choice.

--I really feel that Chalene's programs are geared more towards a woman's body and they really mesh with my personal goals.
--Before I started the program I was given this advice: Go as heavy as you can every weighed workout. I did that and the results are coming faster than with anything else I have done.

So now I am going to take it easy this week, I have only scheduled workouts on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Then I may do the 5 Day Inferno before Thanksgiving and then I will start the Turbo Fire Chalean Extreme hybrid in December.

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