Friday, October 14, 2011

2012 WIPocalypse

I am already looking ahead to 2012 and I have decided it is the year to "finish(or at least make a dent in) what I've started". With that in mind I joined the WIPocalypse.

We will be posting progress on every full moon in 2012:

Full moon dates for 2012:
January 9
February 7
March 8
April 6
May 5
June 4
July 3
August 1
August 31
September 29
October 29
November 28
December 28

Finding WIPs to finish will not a be a problem--I think I will need WAY more than 1 year to get through them all ;)

Are you a cross stitcher? Do you want to play along? If so, then sign up through the link above or just watch the madness unfold here.

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