Sunday, September 25, 2011

Cooler Days+Earlier Nights=Crafting Mojo

After months of feeling very blah about all my crafting activities, I feel my crafting mojo coming back with a vengeance. I have gone through the house and located all my stitching WIPs. And in the past week I have added four projects to my knitting WIPs.

My stitching WIPs are in the sidebar and, as I mentioned before I will be working on those in a rotation--switching up after I finish a page(since they are all multi-page pieces).

I have two knitting pieces that are deadline pieces: an afghan and a mitered baby blanket. I have two pieces that are my "travelling" knitting pieces(ie. they fit in my purse and are in the car with me all the time): Rage's socks and the Baktus scarf. Then there are the pieces I added because I like them: Cambridge and Cupcake Mittens. Oh, I also have a pair of socks I would like to start during Socktoberfest :) **All the links above are Ravelry links**

I don't want to leave out sewing either. I have a strip quilt and Amy Butler's Cosmo Bag(the cover bag on Style Stitches that are on the list too!

I can't let all this crafting energy go to waste, because you know that you have to roll with the tide of the crafting mojo. So I have decided that I will work on my car pieces whenever I am out, my stitching during the day when I have extra time, and my other knitting pieces at night. A couple of the knitting pieces will move to the car as I finish the two there.

Later all, I have work to do. Updates to follow!

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