Monday, September 19, 2011

Chalean Extreme--Month 1

Reflections on the last month:

Yesterday I finished month one of Chalean Extreme--Burn, they call it. I definitely feel like I have lost inches and I know I have lost weight. I enjoyed the 3 Burn workouts I did weekly in addition to the 2 cardio workouts. I felt that the program lacked enough cardio for me so instead of taking 2 rest days per week I added an additional cardio workout to one of those days. Looking back on the month I also feel that there was not enough core/ab work--I think that this month I will add a core workout after each weight workout day, so upping it to 3 per week.

I have been very pleased with my eating over the last month. I have really tightened things up and I am finding a balance between healthy choices and the occasional treat. I have been trying to cut down my diet Pepsi intake so I am down to one can per day with the intent of cutting it out all together at some point BUT that will be very hard--I just love my diet Pepsi.

Today I start month 2 of Chalean Extreme--Push. I have pulled my heavier dumbbells up from the basement and I am ready to tackle this next challenge!

Eating was a little more lax over the weekend so I am refocusing today and looking forward to a very "on track" week.

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