Thursday, June 02, 2011

Project Spectrum 5--Going Green

It's June and Project Spectrum has moved on to Green. I am not a big fan of green as far as crafting goes but here are some things I am working on:

This scarf will be my June focus piece for PS5:

This little snake is my first real foray into crochet. My gauge is a little loose but he turned out sort of cute:

It is from the book Amigurumi Toy Box.

After finishing snakey and realizing that it did, in fact, look something like a snake I decided to try something else. This is part of the Little Kitten pattern and it's a cat bed, done in PS5 Green:

I am moving on to the kitten itself.

I also intend to keep going with my May PS5 projects--updating all as the PS5 journey progresses :)

Also, when I tried to post these pictures from Flickr today it told me it couldn't find my blog?!?! Anyone else ever have that problem? Any solutions? I already sent an email to the Flickr folks.


Sara said...

Snakey is precious!

Sam said...

I love your amigurumi projects! Snakey is sssssuper! (sorry couldn't help myself!) and looking forward to seeing the kitty.