Monday, May 23, 2011

Project Spectrum 5--More Reds and Oranges

I have been working on all things red this month. I finished Ribband(Ravelry link) in one day. The worst part was stringing the nearly 500 beads onto the yarn--after that it was a breeze. I also think this project would look great with a neutral yarn to really highlight the beads.

I also continued my quest to improve my sewing skills by learning zippers (thanks Stacey!) Of course, I had to find some red fabric for at least one pouch.

I made three more pouches but Diva commandeered one, so I only have these two left to show:

I know that they don't go with the PS5 theme but the skully fabric actually has the red toile fabric on the inside. I love toile fabric and red and white toile is just yummy. And I love all things skully and it must say something about me that I love them both together.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Project Spectrum 5--Reds & Oranges

Project Spectrum 5 begins today! I have participated in a few and watched the creativity through all of them. It is such a beautiful project to follow and you can find more here, here, and on Ravelry.

This year the lineup is as follows:
May: Red/Orange
June: Green
July: Blue/Indigo
August: Pink/Purple
September: Yellow/Metallics
October: Cyan/Aqua
November: Black/White/Grey

One month is not really enough time to start and complete a project so I have chosen to start off trying to make progress on two current projects.

The Bramble and The Rose by Ink Circles/Floss DMC 115:

Rage's socks/Lornas Laces Shepherd sock in Satsuma: