Tuesday, March 01, 2011

March Challenges--edited 3/31/11

1. Find a new magazine to subscribe to since I kicked Interweave Knits to the curb after 8 years as a subscriber.
Done 3/16/11
Country Living and I am toying with the idea of Vogue Knitting

2. Finish my slow book and then read Kresley Cole's newest book, Dreams of a Dark Warrior.
Finished Blood Trinity 3/15/11

3. Finish Diva's socks and start Rage's.
Finished Diva's 3/12/11

4. Finish two pages of Bramble and the Rose.
Still no stitching in March :(

5. Post pictures of above mentioned projects here and on Ravelry(at least the knitting on Ravelry).
Done 3/16/11

6. Lose 5 pounds.
I lost 4 pounds this month :)

7. Make healthier eating choices on a more consistent basis.
--ongoing challenge--