Sunday, February 06, 2011

Turbo Fire--Month 4

I have finished 16 weeks of Turbo Fire and I am getting ready to start the final month. I have noticed more progress in the last month than any other month so far. My obliques are in the best shape ever and I have dropped 5 pounds over the last month which I attribute to this workout as well as getting stricter with my eating.

I am very happy that I purchased the advanced workouts(I bought just the DVDs as I do not take supplements and I already have a bunch of resistance bands). I like the longer cardio workouts and I think the toning workouts are a little better than the ones that come with the main program although I still think P90X is better for weight work.

I really look forward to my workout time every day and that is saying something because even though I workout 6 days a week I don't always feel energized to do it.

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StarSpry said...

Way to go, Kim! That's awesome :)