Sunday, January 02, 2011

Turbo Fire--Month 2 & 3

November 14:
This was a good week--all cardio, no HIIT this week or for the next few weeks.

I did try using the weighted gloves three times this week; it felt harder unfortunately I did not wear my heart rate monitor to get a gauge as far as calories burned.

I am debating on whether to continue using the two tone and sculpt videos--they are really easy--I may sub in P90X Shoulders & Arms and Chest & Back. I am also toying with the idea of adding in an extra cardio three days a week during this cardio only phase.

November 21:
I added the weighted gloves for all the cardio this week and I love the added challenge--it's just enough.

I used a higher resistance band for the toning workouts--it didn't really add that much of a challenge. I will be interested to see if the advanced dvds offer more of a toning challenge.

I am also adding in four days a week of running; I'm helping my kiddos train for a race in January so I end up running with them.

November 28-December 18:
It is a very busy time of year but I have still managed to get all my workouts in. Between holiday shopping, holiday obligations, and children's illnesses I have had to double up on workouts more often than I would like to. I feel great though :) My only complaint is that I do not really enjoy the toning and sculpting workouts--they are not very hard at all and I think that next time I run through this program I will sub in P90X weighted work instead.

I got the advanced DVDs a week or so ago and I look forward to using them when they show up in my rotation in January.

December 25:
Merry Christmas! And, yes, I did workout today. Fire 55EZ. This has been a crazy week forcing me to juggle workouts. I am skipping my rest day on Monday so that I can get back on track. I feel like I have hit a wall this week--I don't know if it's my schedule or my diet or a combination of both. I am going to try and focus more on my eating in the next week and see if it makes a difference.

January 1:
This week was a recovery week with not one but two rest days and they came in handy with everything I had to do. I still need to get my workout in today and tomorrow I begin months 3 and 4--I am looking forward to the advanced dvds :)

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