Sunday, November 07, 2010

Turbo Fire--Month One

October 16:
I finished week one of Turbo Fire while simultaneously finishing my third week of my third phase of P90X Lean.
My initial thoughts:
**Music: I love the music. Music is so important to me when I workout; it really can push me to the next level.
**The workouts: I have only done the first week's worth but from what I have seen so far they do not disappoint. The are definitely a step up from Turbo Jam but not as hard as Insanity. There are three types of cardio workouts: Fire, FireEZ, and HIIT. The HIIT workouts are on par with Insanity and the others are good steady state cardio workouts. I have also done the core workout and two stretch workouts. I'm anxious to try the toning workouts next week.
**Diet: I am still reading through the diet materials. It looks to be along the lines of clean eating and I like that you can mix and match meals. I will definitely give it a go at some point in the next 20 weeks (yes, it is set up as a 20week program).
I really look forward to each workout and that is a big plus.

October 23:
I have finished up my second week of Turbo Fire. Love it more and more every time I do it. I have actually bailed on my last two weeks of my third round of P90X. I think once I get the hang of the Turbo Fire I will add in some P90X weight work because nothing else I have tried beats P90X weight work.

Turbo fire does incorporate some toning/strength work but it is nowhere near as intense as P90X. I do think Turbo Fire lends itself really well to travel. You do not need a lot of space for the workouts and the toning DVDs only use resistance bands.

So far my favorite workouts are HIIT 15(the music in that is hands down the best and it was much harder than HIIT 20) and Fire 55EZ (because it is the longest one--at least until I order the advanced dvds ;)--and I love a LONG workout).

I have noticed a little bit of muscle soreness which is good--lets me know I'm hitting stuff I haven't before.

The interesting thing about Chalene's workouts are that even though you are working really hard you don't notice it because you are so absorbed in the music and choreography(at least that's what I love about it)--I think that is what makes it more appealing to me as a long term workout instead of Insanity. Insanity is really hard and the music does nothing to take your mind off it.

October 31:
Finished Week three with a double up workout to day(I missed yesterday's workout).

Thoughts on the week:
--I am really getting the choreography down which makes the workouts more enjoyable.
--I am feeling stronger during the HIIT workouts.
--I feel as though my body fat is down even though the scale is not reflecting that.

I am toying with the idea of adding the turbo sculpting gloves in. I use them for every Turbo Jam workout but I have hesitated in starting to use them with Turbo Fire until I am more secure in the choreography. I think I have a week or so of workouts coming up that has no HIIT workouts so that may be when I add in the gloves.

November 7:
I have finished month one. I'm still very much in love with the program. The choreography is really starting to kick in and it makes the workout even more enjoyable. I'm definitely going to be adding weighted gloves sometime during this upcoming month.

As an aside:
I am not a Beachbody coach--I have no interest in becoming a Beachbody coach. I came to love Beachbody workout programs entirely on my own. I genuinely enjoy the workouts; they have given me results that no other workouts have. I recommend the programs I have used wholeheartedly to any advanced exercisers who are looking for a change of pace or a challenge. It's frustrating to do a search online for workout reviews and all you see are reviews by Beachbody coaches. It would be nice to have a discussion with people who love these workouts but aren't getting paid to promote them.

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WandaWoman said...

Hey Kim,
Thanks for posting your thoughts after using these workout systems. I haven't heard of TurboFire or TurboJam, but you exercise in a way that I can't exactly imagine. But it's a good thing!I'm actually interested in HIIT, as I've read recently that's a good workout for people who don't have a lot of time. I enjoy working out but don't always have a couple of hours to devote to it 4-6x a week.