Thursday, December 31, 2009

An Inventory of Finished Objects 2009

(1) Rage's Hat--Cascade 220 Heathers--Knitters Handy Book of Patterns(Budd)
(2) Barn Raising Square--Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sport--Knitalong
(3) Flying Trapeze Socks--Cascade 220--Interweave Holiday 08
(4) Clapotis--Mountain Colors Bearfoot--Knitty
(5) 2 Barn Raising Squares--Three Irish Girls--Knitalong
(6) Barn Raising Square--Mountain Colors Bearfoot--Knitalong
(7) Bella's Fingerless Gloves(Diva)--Blue Sky Alpaca and Silk--Stitch-n-Snitch
(8) Kai-Mei--Colinette Jitterbug--Sock Innovation
(9) Barn Raisning Square--STR Sherbet--Knitalong
(10) Mod on Mod square--cotton--Yarnplay
(11) Barn Raising Square--Opal Harry Potter(tonks)--Knitalong **for HBP Premier**
(12) Round Facecloth--Sugar 'n Cream Stripes--free pattern(Ravelry)
(13) Round Facecloth--Sugar 'n Cream Stripes--free pattern(Ravelry)
(14) Round Facecloth--Sugar 'n Cream--free pattern(Ravelry)
(15) Round Facecloth--Sugar 'n Cream--free pattern(Ravelry)
(16) Diva's Knitted Babe--mostly Knit Picks palette--Knitted Babes
(17) B. knits--pagewood farms--personal pattern
(18) B. knits--STR Sherbet--personal pattern
(19) B. knits--DiC Starry--personal pattern

(1) Provence Sampler--Told in a Garden

(1) Bound by Shadow(Windsor)
(2) Bound by Flame(Windsor)-wow, loved this one.
(3) Bound by Light(Windsor)
(4) Dream Warrior(Kenyon)
(5) Kiss of a Demon King(Cole)
(6) Lover Avenged(Ward)
(7) The Darkest Night(Showalter)
(8) The Darkest Kiss(Showalter)
(9) The Darkest Pleasure(Showalter)
(10) Lord of Misrule(Caine)
(11) Bad Moon Rising(Kenyon)
(12) Half-Assed: A Weight Loss Memoir(Fulda)
(13) Skin Trade(Hamilton)
(14) The Darkest Whisper(Showalter)
(15) Casting Spells(Bretton)
(16) Covet(Ward)
(17) Born of Night(Kenyon)
(18) Born of Fire(Kenyon)
(19) Carpe Corpus(Caine)
(20) Born of Ice(Kenyon)
(21) Simple Swaps(The Biggest Loser)
(22) Divine Misdemeanors(Hamilton)
(23) HP and the Socerers Stone(Rowling)--reread with Diva

(1) Finished P90X Lean
(2) Finished Insanity


Sam said...

Whew that's quite the list! Looking forward to what 2010 will hold :)

Sara said...

You had a busy year!

CynCyn said...

i'm still mad that you didn't have skin trade read by the time we had camp. What did you think? I thought "filler" and please just tie up loose ends and move on already!

Happy New Year to you and yours Kim! I hope 2010 brings health and happiness to you and your loved ones.