Sunday, December 06, 2009

Challenges 2009--The Final Count

I'm beginning to reflect on my accomplishments this year and I decided to start with my Challenges for 2009:

(1) 3 months of the year where I post every day--January, March, July--Done July 31, 2009

(2) Finish a rotation of P90X Lean--Done March 29, 2009

(3) Finish Provence Sampler--Done April 12, 2009

(4) Finish a Rotation of Insanity--Done November 1, 2009

(5) Finish 6 weeks of Turbo Jam--completed 4 weeks before I got Insanity

(6) Get my Mii to look less like a softball--I'm still working on it; it's definitely a work in progress.


Sara said...


Celeste said...

Great idea for blog post! I'm inspired for a "reflection" post also. Thanks for sharing!


Michelle said...

Congrats on your goals this year - that's fantastic! Your sock is lovely too - love the color!