Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Happy Birthday, Kitties!

13 years ago today my two Tonkinese cats were born.

Bailey and Kahlua--or as they are known today, BB and Cracky.

They were the only two kittens in their litter and even though I only wanted one kitten, I ended up coming home with two and I'm so glad I did. These kitties have been with me through my first real job, my marriage, three moves, and two kids. I love them both dearly.

BB is my lovable boy; he loves to sleep and cuddle. He gives kisses and "head bonks". He is the cat who made me realize that I will probably never get a female cat again.

Cracky is his sister--and the other reason I will never get a female cat again ;). To say she is high strung would be a gigantic understatement. EVERYTHING freaks this cat out. Folding laundry, throwing out paper, any sudden movements. She's a basket case. And do not even get me started on her "talking". She always has something to say and she will not leave you alone until she feels she has been heard. I don't know what my life would be like without her--quieter, I'm sure.

They could not be more different or more loved.

Happy Birthday, you wacky kitties.

Enjoy your Science Diet Minced Turkey and your new toys :)


Michelle said...

Happy birthday to your kitties...don't you love head bonks?

Sara said...

Isn't funny how cats end up with completely different names? Somehow my Arnold became Nonnie. Happy B'day to your lovlies!