Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Snapshot

**got up
**fed kiddos and self
**went out shopping; got Wii Sports Resort for Diva and Rage--they played it at our neighbor's house yesterday and it was very cool and I thought it might give me time to get stuff done
**got Starbucks on the way home
**made lunch while simultaneously doing different household tasks to prepare for company later in the week
**continued household cleaning while stopping every 5 minutes to read instructions to the kiddos for the different games(if you get WSR you'll see what I mean).
**continued household cleaning while breaking up fights between Diva and Rage over the aforementioned game
**get phone call about Rage's swimming lessons
**PROBLEM--I thought his lessons started next week but it is THIS week. Diva has to meet with her teacher every Tuesday night. Swimming and teacher meeting are overlapping times.
**I curse about this for a while then Diva gets a phone call to go skating with a friend
**she leaves for two hours while I continue cleaning and listen to Rage curse at the game and then at me because he used up the charge on BOTH remotes. I decide NOT to put regular batteries in because, frankly, the boy was getting psychotic about the game and he was a sweaty mess.
**take Rage to swimming then change him ASAP to hopefully make the last half hour of Diva's teaching session. Successful there.
**listen to Rage complain as I drop off something for Stacey, hit the grocery store, and stop briefly to talk to neighbors.
**eat dinner(at 8:00pm)
**put in a final load of laundry
**watch Colbert
**post this
**go to bed

I'm sure I'm in for more of the same craziness tomorrow as I am STILL not done getting ready AND I have to take Rage to the pool to practice because the boy is hating swimming lessons in a big way and spends quite a bit of time crying and hanging off his instructor like monkey.

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WandaWoman said...

I'm sorry Rage is still having trouble with his swimming lessons. I hope it gets better soon. Your schedule sounds hectic. At least your company is here now. Enjoy!