Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Harry Potter and HBP

I went to the midnight showing of Half Blood Prince last night. Currently I'm running on about 3.5 hours of sleep so I apologize for any spelling/grammar errors or rambling :)

I LOVED the movie--of course I knew I would. It was definitely worth the wait and price of admission. Excellent acting, lots of laughs, and lots of dark moments as well--exactly what I like to see in a movie.

Before the movie, Stacey and I worked on Barn Raising Blanket squares in the Opal Tonks colorway and watched the entertainment--the most notable of which was an epic wand battle which included a guest appearance by Luke Skywalker and his lightsaber--too funny! I got over half of a square done before the movie started.

I'll definitely be seeing it again in a week or so. The movies just keep getting better and better.


Stitch-n-Snitch said...

I have to wait until Saturday to see HBP because I'm going with my whole family, so I was waiting to see if you'd have a review up. Glad to know it's worth the admission! :)

ddadmin said...

David Yates (director) did a superb job just magnificent to watch, may be Alfonso CuarĂ³n would have made them ROCK. I am a great fan of Harry Potter series. My favorite still remains HP3: Prisoner of Azkaban. But Half Blood was simply outstanding on levels. I'll be seeing it again Saturday on IMAX which will be even better as it's one of the original IMAX screens that loom up and over the audience as opposed to newer screens that are just big.
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