Sunday, June 21, 2009

Playoff Knitting Continues. . .

now that the Playoffs and Finals are over. It was very difficult for me to knit during Pens games--I get more than a little distracted while I'm cheering on my boys.

I've turned the heel on this Rick sock(from Sock Innovation by Cookie A) and I'm surprised and pleased with how this colorway is knitting up. I really wasn't sure how the colors in this yarn would work with this pattern considering that most of the time variegation tends to eat up any pattern but so far so good. I really like the pattern too; honestly, I like just about all the patterns in that book(even with all the errata). It may be the only knitting book where I actually knit every pattern in it.

1 comment:

CynCyn said...

I think that you are prodding at my still sore wound. With lemon and salt. Not nice.

but... those socks sure are purty!

ps. there should be no mention of hockey at camp. none. zip. zero. (someone's a sore sore loser. yep, that's me)