Monday, March 30, 2009

P90X Lean--Final Week & Wrap Up

Monday: Yoga--skipped

Tuesday: Core Synergistics

Wednesday: Plyometrics--skipped

Thursday: Stretch

Friday: rest, actually out playing with friends

Saturday: Yoga

Sunday: Cathe's Step Blast

First--I DID IT! I completed three months of P90X Lean. I started on December 26 and finished on March 29.

Weight: lost 7 pounds
Waist: lost 2 inches
Hips: lost 2.25 inches

I missed three workouts total in the whole time. I am more than thrilled with that since two of them were this week and the other was in my second recovery week. I never missed a workout during the training weeks. I even doubled up when I was sick. Working out a mandatory six days a week for at least an hour is a HUGE commitment for me.

Thoughts on the program:

I LOVED IT! It is as hard and challenging as you make it. If you push yourself every single workout, you will see a difference.

I definitely gained a lot of strength during this program. When I started I really wanted to get better at push ups and triceps dips and I did. I cannot believe the difference. I can do full body push ups all through every workout now--sometimes I cannot make it all the way to the end of the time allowed per exercise but I did always try to push myself at least one past what I did the previous workout. Triceps dips--when I started I had to do them all bent knee but now I can do almost all of them straight leg. I definitely have room for more improvement but I'm 100% better than when I started.

Although I did not lose a ton of weight during the program, I just know that I switched up a lot of fat for muscle. I actually have a shape to my arms now and I have significantly decreased the little underarm flap you see when you wave if you are carrying any excess weight.

I really enjoyed pushing myself through all the weight workouts. My only complaint about the Lean routine is that during the last phase you do not a have a leg workout at all--you do get some leg work during Plyometrics, Core Synergistics, and any of the cardio but it's not the same as a separate leg routine.

I made no bones about the fact that I thought Cardio X and Kenpo were very lame cardio workouts. Kenpo had potential but it is so "stop/start" that I really can't keep my heart rate up where it needs to be. Luckily I have hard cardio workouts from Cathe that I can sub in as needed. I used the Interval Max and Low Max routines a lot. I think that if you wanted to do this and didn't have alternative DVDs you should definitely sub in running or something else.

I just have to say something about Ab Ripper. I think it should be called Hip Flexor Ripper because that is what kills me EVERY time I do it. I have a few Cathe DVDs I may sub in when I do this again so that I can use different equipment(like a stability ball or a medicine ball). To this day I curse those Mason Twists--I literally swear at the TV through all 50 of those blasted things. I don't like the bicycles either--it's hip flexor all the way. But for a 16 minute workout--you really feel wasted at the end and that's a good thing.

Eating and P90X Lean:

I tried following the food plan initially but there is a TON of protein in it and I am not a lover of boatloads of protein. I will say that when I followed it I had a lot of energy and that is a necessity in this program. I found that there is no way I can push myself through 6 hard workouts per week if I don't eat right and think I paid the price for poorer eating during the last phase. I was exhausted before and after every workout. I have a goal of eating much cleaner the next time I run throught the program.

The long term goals:

Last March I decided I was sick and tired of squeezing into clothes and feeling generally miserable about the way I looked. My blood pressure had been creeping up and there were definite concerns about my family history and my personal history with diabetes(I had gestational diabetes with Rage). So I started trying to revamp my diet and make time for exercise again. Over the past year I have lost 25 pounds. It's not a lot, only about halfway to my goal, but it works out to a little over two pounds per month and I have not wavered more that 5 pounds from that at any given time.

The easy part for me was the exercise--once I made the time for it. I love to workout and if I didn't have kiddos and life responsibilities I would workout a lot more.

The stickler for me is eating. I struggle with that all the time. Sometimes I just enjoy junk. I have also found that I am an emotional eater so if I'm stressed at all I eat. I have found over the past year that if I want to be successful I need to measure everything I eat, be very regimented about when I eat, and keep a food journal(I actually keep a written one and an online one at Peertrainer). I also need to drink a lot of water. I drink at least 64 oz. of water a day, every day, and it helps with hunger and water retention.

Over the next year I hope to reach my goal of another 25 pounds lost so that I am at a healthy BMI. I also intended to run through the other two P90X programs at some point--Classic and Doubles. My sister and I will actually be starting Classic after Easter. I also hope to get better with my eating it's a constant struggle but it is a battle I intend to keep fighting.

Knitters and Stitchers, if you made it all the way to the end of this post. . .thanks for taking the time to read about my personal fitness goals--I just wanted everything in writing so I could look back on it later. I know it's not as exciting as a good WIP or Finish.

Now I'm taking a workout break for a couple of weeks and only working out 4-5 days per week instead of 6.


CynCyn said...

25 lbs is a HUGE amount, Kim! Congrats on being so dedicated to your own health. And switching out fat for muscle will only help you gain your fitness goals all the faster.

WandaWoman said...

I agree with Cyn, losing 25 lbs is huge! That's awesome and congratulations to you for sticking to your goals. I'm working on the fitness goals, but working out 6x a week seems near impossible for me. I'm just aiming for 2-3 times a week at this time.

Anonymous said...

I am so proud of you for sticking with your exercise program and losing 25 lbs! That is awesome! I know you can do another 25 in the next year!