Thursday, March 19, 2009

Diva Knitting

A while back I made myself a pair of Bella's Fingerless Gloves. Well, Little Diva latched right onto those and informed me that she wanted a pair too. Now I made mine with Knit Picks Merino style--Little Diva, living up to her name, picked Blue Sky Alpaca Silk in a hot pink.

At first I thought I'd knit them with smaller needles since: (A) Diva's hands are fairly small and (B) the gauge for the yarn is smaller. So I knit this yesterday:

That glove fit her fine but I really wasn't pleased with it. So I decided that I would try to double the yarn and knit it again(which I did this afternoon). Much better:

This yarn is yummy. So soft, so silky. If they weren't pink I might keep them myself ;) Now I just need to finish the twin(or triplet if you consider that the next one will be the third I knit for this "pair").


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StarSpry said...

Very cute!

Sam said...

Ah a girl after my own heart! Love that she has an eye for the finer things in life. :o)))