Monday, January 26, 2009

Truckie Lives!

Well, the truck has been to the dealership and is now back in the garage. The fastest turn over from dealership X we have ever had--it must have something to do with the crappy state of car sales as in they have nothing else to do. Apparently, the "module" that translates the transmission stuff to the car's computer died. So now that it's replaced Truckie is back on the road and we're all happy.

P90X Lean: Today I started Phase 2: Core Synergistics

Because I was handicapped by one car, I did not get to workout until after dinner which is always a bad thing for me. I'm tired and my body just does not want to cooperate. So I pushed myself but I just burned out on some of the exercises. Also, as I looked at my food log I realized the only protein I had today was at dinner which may also explain my lack of energy.

Thoughts on my first month of P90X:
--I lost 3 pounds
--I lost 1.25 inches from my waist
--I lost 1.5 inches from my hips
--I don't know about other measurements as those are the only ones that really matter to me. I'm pretty sure my arms and legs are smaller too.
--I need to really work on nutrition in Phase 2. I have zero will power and even though this system is not about losing weight(it's about getting in shape); I still need to pay better attention to how I fuel my body.
--I'm proud to say that I completed every workout in Phase 1 except for the optional day 7 workouts(I don't think anyone should workout 7 days a week).


Dawn ;) said...

Hey Kim,

Please email me when you get a chance ~ need help w/kal instructions and you've disabled the blog before I could get ideas ;) Thx

CynCyn said...

ur bloggy hard to read today (not enough contrast btw text and background). BUT YAY! Glad truckie lives. and congrats on the progress on the fitness goals!

WandaWoman said...

Way to go, Kim! You are doing awesome with your fitness goals!