Friday, January 02, 2009

P90XLean--Catching Up

I'm just catching up on my thoughts on my first few days of P90X Lean(before the New Year). It will probably make no sense to someone who isn't doing it so I won't be offended if you don't read these. I'll post in the title when it's a P90X post so you don't have to read--unless, of course, you enjoy reading about me torturing myself ;)

Day 1--Core Synergistics
Initial thoughts:
**I'm a wuss when it comes to push ups. I can do tons of "girly" ones but very few "full body". I'm hoping by the end of 90 days that will change significantly.
**I only skipped one section in this workout. It was in the BONUS section and it was the Plank to Chaturanga ISOs--I was just too winded and I knew if I tried to hold a Chaturanga at that point in the workout it would most likely end up in a face plant.
**Dreya Rolls--good Lord those are soooooo hard for me. I don't know if I'm doing them wrong or what but they are hard. I did 10 with my form getting more and more "iffy" by the end.
**I don't feel like I "dogged it" too much. I did not push as hard as I could have because I was trying to concentrate on form.

Day 2: Cardio
**I'm sore from yesterday. I expect that will be a common comment for me.
**Cardio X is short and *gasp* lame compared to my Cathe DVDs, so I may sub in on Cardio X days.
**Dreya Rolls reared their head in this one too and I still can't do them well or with proper form.

Day 3: Shoulders and Arms, Ab Ripper X
**I only used 5, 8, and 10 pounds for this workout. At times it felt light but I was thinking more about form and making sure I could get through the hour.
**This one sneaks up on you when you're done--you really feel spent.
**Ab Ripper--whew! It's tough on its own(I tried it before I started the program) but it goes to a whole new level when you've just completed a workout prior to it.

Day 4: Yoga
Imagine, if you will, what a Barbie doll must feel like if you twist off her legs. If you can imagine that, then you will have some idea how my legs felt after this workout. Scary thing about that. . .I liked it!

Day 5: Legs and Back, Ab Ripper
As I am still in my first week, I went with lower weight than normal on the weighted exercises. It was interesting because I actually felt the leg work more when I was done. Now the back work. . .I don't have a pull up bar(nor do I have appropriate doorways for a door model, so I am using bands. I definitely need to look into higher tension bands because the back work seemed a little bit too easy(although my back will tell me more tomorrow--when I wake up in pain).