Tuesday, January 27, 2009

P90X Lean: Cardio Tuesday

Today was a cardio day. I decided to do Cathe's IMAX 2--love it--burned 507 calories. Step aerobics will always be my first love, I think. I never feel better than after a really intense hour or so of step.

Eating today--marginal. I should start posting what I eat everyday, but I won't(at least not yet).


In other news, I did a bit of cross stitch shopping today while I was waiting for the refrigerator guy--I didn't mention that our ice maker died--well it did before the truck did. The truck is fixed. The ice maker still isn't working despite assurances from the repair man that it was fixed. The ice maker has been "fixed" since 11am and now at 9pm I haven't seen a single cube. Guess who I'll be calling tomorrow.