Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Me Thinks. . .

. . .it's time for a little shopping.

One of my favorite cross stitch designers has FINALLY released the aforementioned Cirque de Carreaux and one or two other things may creep into the cart. I'm not saying what but there are numerous things on this page and this page that really appeal to me.

Now if something there doesn't inspire you to want to play with color AND take up cross stitch, then I can't help you ;)

Day 10(or whatever day I'm on now--they're all starting to blur)P90XLean: Shoulders and Arms, Ab Ripper

I pushed harder with weights this time; I will see how hard tomorrow morning. I am having a little trouble maintaining energy through the first workout while maintaining enough to finish the second(ab ripper is a separate 15+ minute core routine). I have read that some people split these days up and do one of the two workouts later in the day--I think I may be heading that way because my arms were so fried today that balancing for the some of the ab stuff was difficult.

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Sam said...

I'd agree - there's a whole host of beautiful designs on those pages. I might be a little tempted to go shopping as well ;o)