Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Snow--at least 6 inches of it--not enough to close schools but enough to make driving this morning a challenge. I drop Diva and Rage off at school and on days like this they usually let the kiddos line up inside. Well, not this morning. They wanted them to line up outside. Diva has no problem with this--she loves to be out in the snow--and I can trust her not to make a break for it. Rage would have no problem with it either BUT since I have to stay with him until he goes inside I have a BIG problem with it. I did the whole "freeze your A$$ off outside" thing during my K-12 experience and the day I got my diploma I vowed to NEVER stand out in the cold again--which is what I told the admin who insisted to me more than once that the kiddos were supposed to line up outside.

The only plus I have seen with Colorado snow is that it is very powdery so at least it's easy to shovel. When I was growing up near Buffahole(I mean Buffalo), I hated shoveling. The snow weighed a TON and took forever to get off the driveway and the car. Plus it drifted which made the shoveling all the more rewarding.

After shoveling this morning, I went inside and got lost in a reread of Twilight. Spending the morning with vampires makes me forget the nastiness outside :)


Stitch-n-Snitch said...

Heh--Twilight cures all, doesn't it?! ;)

Stacey said...

I just reread all the books last week. I sure love vampires too!