Monday, December 01, 2008

November Wrap Up/December Goals

December Goals:

**finish gifty knitting

**work on something

Weight loss/exercise:
**hold steady weight wise
**log into Peertrainer at least every other day
**keep a log of every BLT(bite, lick, taste) in an effort to stop the bleeding on the weight gain front
**try for four sixty minute workouts per week

**I may reread either Harry Potter or Twilight

November Goals:

**finish the Horcrux/Socktober socks--Yes
**maybe finish a square or two--started one square
**gifty knitting--finished one gift/started two others

**chip away at the two pages I want to finish on I Love Thee--no stitching this month

**lose, at least, the 2 pounds I gained in October--nope and not only that I gained 2 more--ugh
**see if I meet my 60 in 60 goal this time(round two if you're counting)--nope and I'm saving the next round to begin in January
**finish my 4th Nanowrimo Novel--no, because I never really felt "it" with this one(like I said in a previous post). This is the first time I haven't finished Nano and I KNOW that it will bother enough that I'll probably try and double my word count next year.)