Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Crazy Week in Progress

This is a crazy week here at Casa KiP.

Monday--I volunteered in my kiddos school library--I love it there, I'm a book girl.

Tuesday--Jury Duty--ugh--what a waste of time. I know it's my civic duty and all.

Wednesday--finish last minute shopping stuff before kiddos are off for break and Diva has dress rehearsal for her choir concert.

Thursday--finish last minute shopping(it's Diva and Rage's last day of school until 2009) and Diva's Choir Concert(the FINAL winter concert thank goodness).

Friday--Cooking--cookies and knitting goodies :)

Saturday--babysitting for neighbors

That's just the "extras" there is also everything I normally do during the week. I'm going to need a break after this week ;)


Stacey said...

Okay, just reading that list made me tired! :)

StarSpry said...

Wow, very crazy week! I hope you do get a break next week :D

WandaWoman said...

dang, girl, that's crazy busy. Hope to see you this Friday!