Sunday, November 23, 2008

Twilight--Thoughts on the Movie

Well overall I disliked more than I liked about the movie.

–James and Victoria–they were great. James was so good that he made anyone in a scene with him look bad.
–Alice and Emmett--perfect casts
–Jacob–although I’m not sure how they are going to make him the Jacob in New Moon; he'll need to start lifting(a lot) and growing(a lot)
–Bella’s father–he cracked me up
–Edward–I’ve liked RP since he was Cedric so he gets a pass from me :)

–the staring–how many scenes were there where they were just staring at each other? Way too many for me. It reminded me of a really crappy soap opera. Dialogue(the audience can hear) is a good thing in a movie.
–numerous little things-–starting with Bella’s hair blowing in the fan scene--that was sooooo cheesy.
–the fact that Bella went from thinking Edward hated her to not being able to live without him in about 5 minutes. I’d be interested to know what the actual elapsed time for that was in the movie. To me that whole transition and acceptance thing is critical in establishing their relationship through the next 3 books.
–Jasper–nice looking guy, really horrible character(I’m hoping that was through no fault of his own; maybe he made the best of the script he was dealt–not that he had many/any lines?). Did Jasper skulk around all the time in the books?
–Bella–I didn’t like KS as a cast to begin with and she didn’t prove me wrong, unfortunately.
-The soundtrack--I never realized how much a good score affects the way I feel about a movie. A lot of the instrumental music in this movie was very "soap opera-ish". Maybe they should look into Hans Zimmer or John Williams.

It is really disappointing to me how badly it seems to have been done. Maybe they threw it into production too quickly. During the movie I just kept telling myself–maybe all teen movies are this bad. Are they? Along the same lines, did anyone else have people laughing at times that I don't think were intended to be funny?

I’m just curious. If you hadn’t read any of the books, would you even want to after seeing the movie? I’m not sure I would and I loved the first three books. It reminded me of when I saw Eragon--I loved the book and hated the movie and I saw it with people who had not read the book and they didn't understand what was going on.

So I don't know if seeing it a second time will change how I saw it on Thursday night. I doubt it and I'm not sure I want to waste more money doing it. It is sad to me really because the book gave the movie so much potential and I really, really, really went into the movie wanting to like it.


Mel in Dubai said...

The movie is not released here until next week - not sure if I will go and see it or not. It will be interesting to see what rating it gets here and how much is censored. I started reading Twilight some time ago but never finished it for some reason. I can't remember whether Bella's character had started to annoy me or whether I had a hard time with vampires being able to come out during the daylight hours without bursting into flame and turning into dust! Think there may be some Buffy/Angel influence there? LOL.

I will give it another go, particularly since I have all the books in the series up to and including Breaking Dawn but it will have to wait until after I've gotten through my JD Robb and "In Death" series phase :)

If I still can't finish it then I will just put the books aside for DD to read in a couple of years time :)

Sam said...

All in all, I really enjoyed it. For me, the only really disappointing part was the overdone white faces on the Cullens. And the staring - yep got to agree with you on that. But otherwise, it was what I was expecting. And at the end of the day, I think it really is pretty hard to top a good book.

Stacey said...

I get what you are saying...but I saw it with you and had a totally different experience. I loved it. Sure there were parts that I wished had been handled a little differently, but overall, I thought it was an enjoyable movie. Of course, the book was way better because the characters as I imagined them were perfect! :)

StarSpry said...

Although I enjoyed seeing the movie, I agree, it wasn't nearly as good as the book!

Corwink said...

I could not have written this post any better. I agree with you all the way. Mary Kay and I went to see it today and we left disappointed. Oh and yes the people in the theatre including us laughed at parts that were not supposed to be laughed at. Cheesy was the word we used to sum it up.