Saturday, November 01, 2008


Diva, Rage, and I embarked on a trip to WalMart a couple of days before Halloween on quest for candy and a couple of random household items. Of course, we also took some time to wander around the store.

Rage HAS to spend a good amount of time looking at the LEGO isle--the boy has a very serious Lego addiction.

Diva also likes to wander through various sections of the store: toys, videos/video games, haircare products, nail polish, and bags.

Of course, the last of which warms my heart as I have created a little bag worshipper much like myself. Truly collecting different knitting bags is almost as a much of a hobby for me as knitting itself. We were wandering around the area of haircare products and nail polish when I happened upon this little bit of girly skully goodness and knew I had to have it:

Do you love it? Well, aside from all the pink, I do. I figured that since I have two Lexie Barns bags with a black and pink skully print this wouldn't be too much of a departure. It's a good size for a couple of smaller projects and the print is almost exactly something I have been looking for. Plus it was ultra cheap, as is the WalMart way.

Serendipity at its finest.


Stacey said...

Hah! I totally got one of those bags right before my trip to chicago! I love it! :)

Sam said...

It's great -- I love it!

StarSpry said...

Love the bag!