Saturday, November 01, 2008

October Wrap Up and November Goals

October Wrap Up:

**one pair of Socktober Socks--almost one pair(sock 1 done/75% of sock 2 done)
**gifty knitting--Done, still working

**HAED SAL Challenge--QS Swimming with Dolphins--Nope, and that's 3 strikes and out for that SAL for me.

**lose 5 pounds--gained 2 pounds--ugh! I was not very focused this month.
**finish half of my new 60 in 60 challenge--I did not get halfway but I did workout quite a bit. I don't know my current minutes off the top of my head but I want to say that I'm around 1000.

November Goals:

**lose, at least, the 2 pounds I gained in October
**see if I meet my 60 in 60 goal this time(round two if you're counting)
**finish my 4th Nanowrimo Novel

**finish the Horcrux/Socktober socks
**maybe finish a square or two
**gifty knitting

**chip away at the two pages I want to finish on I Love Thee