Saturday, November 08, 2008


Feel free to completely disregard this post if you do not want to read my National Novel Writing Month Ramblings.

I am having a crisis of sorts because I am absolutely NOT feeling "it" with my story right now. I have written 12,300+ words so far and so I am not behind but I have not written in the last two days.

I think the first problem is that I am trying to bridge my story from my first year with a short story I wrote over the summer containing the same characters just in the future from where the first story took place. The bridge itself is not the problem. I have an outline of major storyline things that are supposed to happen along the way. The problem is that I need to focus on two characters. Two characters that need to develop a very serious relationship so that the bridge to the short story will make sense. I am just not in the "building a relationship writing place" if there even is such a thing. Also, I have a character in the story who I happen to love and he seems to be asserting himself more than the characters that need to be the focus of this part of the story.

Part of me wants to soldier on and at least get a basic story down on paper which will hopefully lead to 50,000 words.

Part of me want to stop, I'm not going to say quit because I know I will write this eventually(I need to know what happens). I love these characters and this story and I don't want to push myself through part of it because I feel like I "have" to.

At this point I am at a stalemate but I am sort of leaning towards shelving this year's Nano(even though there is a part of me that does not want to do that).

So to sum up, UGH!


Stephanie said...

Keep going in whatever direction the writing takes you. Don't think about what is supposed to happen. You may find that you have a very different story in you trying to get out!

Stitch-n-Snitch said...

Grrr---frustrating!! Maybe you could shelve what you have so far and focus on what the assertive character has to say for now? It may be crap, but it may be wonderful, and you'll never know unless you go with it!

WandaWoman said...

I think you should keep writing. Let whatever story that wants to come out, come out.