Thursday, October 30, 2008

October Stitching

First of all, where did this month go? I feel like it passed in a blur and as I have been sitting here pondering what exactly I accomplished this month I am hard pressed to remember what happened in September and what happened in October--this year seems to be quickly flying to a close.

I do know that I made a dent in one of my HAED WIPs, I Love Thee(Seed). I am not sure how well you'll be able to see if from the pictures but I filled in a lot of stitches around Aragorn's bangs--did you know this piece was a tribute to Arwen and Aragorn(look here for other pieces in her Romance Series)? The stitched piece I am working on differs slightly from the original art pieces but the characters contained within are the same. I absolutely love working on this one and I am hoping to finish the two pages I am currently working on by the end of the year.

Before(at the end of September):


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