Friday, September 19, 2008

Avast me Brethren and Beauties!

Tis Black Bess Cash here to regale you with tales from the pirate wench needles. Between me wenching and thieving I try to find the time to partake of this most glorious and honorable hobby you lubbers call knitting. Tis a banner day here as a new project has boarded the needles. Dyed with the blood of bilge rats who have crossed me, I am one repeat of eight into this epic quest.

Going against me usual weapons of choice, I chose the large and threatening size 11 needle--smaller by a hair than me broad sword.

Whether you be a jolly pirate or one who sails on the dark side, join the pirate revolution and partake in International Talk like a Pirate Day. Take me personal recommendation and peruse the New and Improved Pirate pick up lines.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Stitching. . . minimal as it is

This past weekend was the HAED SAL Challenge weekend and here's what I got accomplished. It's great to be hitting the bottom of the piece--it makes goal setting easier--get to the end of a column and I'm done :)

Busy, busy as usual. I don't know when all the craziness here is going to let up.

Happy knitting and stitching!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Blogging Blahs

I feel like I should post something but honestly there just isn't a lot of "blog worthy" stuff going on here at Casa KiP.

I'm fully enveloped in the getting back into the groove of kiddos in school--you know fighting about homework, fighting about getting up in the morning, fighting about when to go to bed at night. Plus, Little Diva has decided to get into some activities at school--which hurray for her, I'm so proud BUT at the same time boo for me who has to tote her everywhere. Also, fall has descended upon Colorado with a big thud and we have to replenish the kiddos closets with fall worthy items. Normally this isn't a problem but this year Diva has become VERY hands on as far as what she wants in her closet which means that mommy's clothes buying days are pretty much over(at least for Diva--Rage doesn't care what I get him, but boys are really boring to dress).

Then there is the age old struggle I have with what to do with my limited free time. Do I knit? stitch? workout? read a good book? Lately working out has been winning and then at night when I have a bit more free time I'm too tired to craft; I just sit and stare blankly into space most of the time.

I did go to see Nine Inch Nails on Tuesday. And IT WAS AWESOME!!! The show was great, the company was great(see Stacey's blog for details), and it goes without saying that Trent was spectacular. Ahh, Trent(**excuse me while I go daydream for a bit).

Okay, I'm back. Let's see what else have I been up to. . .my sisters and I give each other monthly health related challenges. This month we have decided to explore the world of Clean Eating(**see Tosca Reno's book called The Eat-Clean Diet for details). The goal, for me, is to try and eat clean at least 90% of the time. It's going pretty well and I am enjoying trying new things.

I guess that's about it. Hopefully I'll have some knitting and stitching related goodness to show you later in the month. I already have two Barn Raising Squares done.

Well, back to the family. Later taters!

Monday, September 01, 2008

Is Summer Really Over? August Wrap-up/September Goals

August Goals:

**no new cast ons--DONE--I finished 1 Barn Raising Square and 1/2 a sock.

**QS Swimming with Dolphins(SAL weekend 8-11)--DONE
**Provence Sampler(SAL weekend 15-18)--not done, kept working on the above QS and consequently eliminated myself from the HAEDless SAL.
**TT K (2 QS Wednesdays)--not done, see above

**finish 2 books--D.O.N.E.
I read:
Breaking Dawn(Meyer)
Lover Awakened(Ward)
Lover Eternal(Ward)
Lover Revealed(Ward)
Eat-Clean Diet(Reno)
Eat-Clean Diet Cookbook(Reno)--very little actual reading here
Eat-Clean Diet for Family and Kids(Reno)
Lover Unbound(Ward)

**workout for 1800 minutes--1396/1800--I need to pick up the pace if I intend to meet my goal of 3600 minutes total by the end of September.
**lose 5 pounds--lost 3

September Goals:

**finish 4 squares
**finish a pair of socks
**start some gifty knitting

**QS Swimming with Dolphins for the HAED SAL Challenge weekend

**finish 2 books

**lose 5 pounds
**finish my 3600 minutes in 60 days challenge