Friday, August 08, 2008

Barn Raising--the July Edition

Here's the monthly update on the Barn Raising front.

This is the big picture(so to speak). All the squares I've made to date stacked up.

This picture is a little dark but these are the squares I knit for Diva and I this month.

**clockwise from top: STR Sherbet(Diva), Cherry Tree Hill(me), Skully square/STR Rook-y(me, because I made all mine to trade and didn't have one left for me), and RRFW Burning Rubber(me).

These are squares I got from Stacey and Wanda in exchange for a couple of Skullys(now I just need one from Miss Cynthia and I'll be all set--no hurry though).

Finally, these are squares for Stacey's Dad.

**clockwise from top: STR Ruby Slippers, STR Jasper, Great Adirondack in Cranberry Bog, and Opal.

I will not get as much done in August because school starts and I have some stitching and socks I want to work on :)


Michelle said...

Very nice. Love the stacked photo.

Sam said...

You are making great progress. All the blankets are going to be lovely.

CynCyn said...

Way to call me out! :) Will have your BRQ after I finish one baby sweater and BRQs for Stacey's Dad. End of August is BRQ time.

StarSpry said...

I love the stacked picture :) Your squares look great!