Monday, August 25, 2008

Olympic Stitching--Closing Ceremonies

I have decided to challenge myself during the Olympics. I believe that knitting is a winter sport and the Knitting Olympics is the Harlot's domain. So I've decided that the summer Olympics, for me at least, are all about stitching.

Starting with Opening Ceremonies tonight and going through Closing Ceremonies I am going to get 300 stitches in per day on QS Swimming with Dolphins. Wish me luck because in addition to all of the this stitching, we have the madness of "back-to-school" next week.



25Aug08: Olympic Update. Well, my Olympic stitching was a bust. I'm like one of those countries with like two athletes neither of which have a chance to medal they're just happy to be there. I got 1201 stitches done over the course of the games. It sounds good but in order to have reached my Olympic Gold I would have needed 4800. So I didn't make it to the podium--frankly with such a poor showing I can't even see the podium ;)

I did read 4 books over the course of the games though and I'm really happy about that.

I watched the Equestrian Events and a little bit of swimming. So Michael Phelps. . .here's what I think. I think that after swimming concluded he should have gone and competed in other events. Just picking random sports to "try out" as it were. He could have gotten lucky and possibly medaled in a couple of other things I'm sure. Can you imagine him just showing up for different Track and Field events? It cracks me up just thinking about it.

Enjoy your Olympic Stitching-Knitting and/or viewing!

Friday, August 08, 2008

Barn Raising--the July Edition

Here's the monthly update on the Barn Raising front.

This is the big picture(so to speak). All the squares I've made to date stacked up.

This picture is a little dark but these are the squares I knit for Diva and I this month.

**clockwise from top: STR Sherbet(Diva), Cherry Tree Hill(me), Skully square/STR Rook-y(me, because I made all mine to trade and didn't have one left for me), and RRFW Burning Rubber(me).

These are squares I got from Stacey and Wanda in exchange for a couple of Skullys(now I just need one from Miss Cynthia and I'll be all set--no hurry though).

Finally, these are squares for Stacey's Dad.

**clockwise from top: STR Ruby Slippers, STR Jasper, Great Adirondack in Cranberry Bog, and Opal.

I will not get as much done in August because school starts and I have some stitching and socks I want to work on :)

Friday, August 01, 2008

July Wrap Up/August Goals

July Goals:

**no new cast ons--finish stuff already on the needles--DONE, no new cast ons.
**I finished 6 Barn Raising Squares this month

**QS Swimming with Dolphins(SAL weekend 11-14)--DONE
**Provence Sampler(HAEDless SAL weekend 18-24)--skipped this month as my sis was in town.

**finish one book--DONE, read Dark Lover by JR Ward

August Goals:

**no new cast ons

**QS Swimming with Dolphins(SAL weekend 8-11)
**Provence Sampler(SAL weekend 15-18)
**TT K (2 QS Wednesdays)

**finish 2 books

**workout for 1800 minutes
**lose 5 pounds