Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Random Stuff

Sorry about the MIA-ness. It's been a busy July here at Casa KiP.

First there was the excitement of the 4th of July.

Then one of my sisters came out to visit--the first person from my family to come out since we moved here in 2005. She wanted to show her kiddos the mountains so we decided to take them to Glenwood Springs to swim in the hot springs. It's about a 3 hour drive from here to there and you definitely see a lot of mountains on the way.

**left to right--Tank(nephew), Little Diva-in-Training(niece), Diva, and Rage

My sister doesn't knit **gasp** or craft at all really **double gasp**. She runs, and runs, and runs, and then she runs some more. She came here to run in a higher elevation. There was much talk about her mile times and how ticked she was that she was running slower here. I just smiled, nodded, and said more power to ya. Why can't someone figure out how to get knitting/stitching to give you a runner's body? I'm jealous and envious of my sister and all the work she does, because it really pays off. But there is no way I'm ever running that much. Michelle very astutely observed that my sister's running mania was very similar to a knitter's need to knit or a stitcher's need to stitch--to each her own, I guess :)

We also got a new computer during all this July madness but we still don't have everything switched over. I'm still using the old one for Internet and pictures.

And, finally, today I registered Rage for Kindergarten and we went and paid all the fees you need to pay to start the school year as well as got the lists of all the supplies you have to buy--do NOT get me started on the ridiculous amount of stuff you have to buy(especially now that I'm buying stuff times two since both my kiddos are in school).

I will hopefully have some knitting and stitching content soon :)


Sam said...

I'm with you -- it's a darn shame all this feverish knitting activity doesn't burn more calories!

StarSpry said...

That's an awesome photo of fireworks!! Hope to see you soon :)

Andrea said...

Kindergarten??? Ah, where does the time go?

I did watch a What Not to Wear episode with an Olympic swimmer who was wearing a heart rate monitor, and she burned tons of calories just shopping for clothes, so at least I've got that...

Corwink said...

Damn those runners always making us look bad! I would sell my soul for a runners body. Now tell me I can look like that if I work really hard and I thank you. LOL!