Tuesday, July 01, 2008

June Wrap Up/July Goals

First of all I cannot believe it's July. Pictures will follow later.

June Goals, revisited:
**I need to finish 7 Skully Barn Raising Squares--I finished 9--7 skully and two others
**I'm only working on stuff that is already on the needles this month, no new cast-ons--DONE

**QS Swimming with Dolphins SAL Weekend(13-16)--Nope, my last weekend to opt out of.
**Provence Sampler SAL(20-23)--DONE
**TT K(on at least 2 QS Wednesdays)--Nope, I didn't get a lot of stitching time last month.

**Finish one book(hopefully more)--and that one book will be Blood Noir by Laurell Hamilton which I am going to get as soon as I post this--DONE and yes it was Blood Noir that I finished.

July Goals:

**no new cast ons--finish stuff already on the needles.

**QS Swimming with Dolphins(SAL weekend 11-14)
**Provence Sampler(HAEDless SAL weekend 18-24)

**finish one book


CynCyn said...

Had a great time with you at camp!! Your babies are getting so big, and it was nice to meet them w/o any hissing/snake action. I am totally going to be enjoying my skully square!

Sam said...

Your skully squares are fab! A great addition to all the barn raising blankets :)

StarSpry said...

I love your skully squares!!! Good luck with your July goals :)