Thursday, June 12, 2008

Skully Goodness

The last time I was in Disney World--10 years ago--the Disney pin trading thing was in its infancy. Well that is no more. Before we left we bought the kiddos each a lanyard and some starter pins(duplicates of the same pin so you have something to trade). I was excited for them because the Disney staff has to trade with you if they don't currently have your pin on their lanyard AND if you find a staff member with a green lanyard, they are only allowed to trade with children.

Diva and Rage traded some pins and purchased a couple to remind them of some of their favorite things in Disney--and believe it or not Rage did have one or two things he liked that actually had pins. Their park ID cards also fit into the lanyard; it makes for a great piece of memorabilia definitely unique to every trip. Diva will probably keep her lanyard on her American Girl doll and Rage will be keeping his on one of his build a bear bears(along with his mouse ears).

Now I had no intention of getting swept into the pin mania. I actually went to Disney on a mission to find a cool watch. We did end up getting a watch but I didn't find THE watch--you know the one that screams, "I have to have this."

SO as I was searching through pins with the kiddos(looking for theirs and souvenirs for their friends) I may have found a couple(cough, cough) of pins that really appealed to me. But first, of course, I needed a lanyard--mine was very much pirate inspired(go figure). I didn't need a thing to carry my ID so instead I settled for a medallion for the end of my lanyard. And it's a pretty bad ass Mickey head if I do say so myself.

My neighbor had given me a Pirates of the Caribbean pin when she returned from Disney in May, then I saw this:

And this:

And this:

And here's the finished product:

There is also a Chef Mickey pin, a Tower of Terror room key pin, and a Mickey head. I LOVE IT!! And I really had to stop myself from buying about a hundred other pins. They had some Pirate Princess pins that were VERY cool.

Since I can't wear my lanyard around all the time here--well I guess I could, but I won't--I got this key chain for the knitting bag. It's a 3D version of my Mickey Skully pin.

Who knew Disney had gotten so edgy?

Oh, and as an aside. I have two favorite rides in Disney. One is the Tower of Terror and the other is Pirates of the Caribbean. I got to ride Tower of Terror but Pirates of the Caribbean was closed when I was there which sucked. They should tell you this stuff when you are making reservations.


Stacey said...

Those are awesome! I love the little skully mickey...he's so cute! Who knew is right?! Looking forward to Tuesday...bring the pins, I'd love to see them all.

Stitch-n-Snitch said...

Cool, cool, cool! LOVE the Mickey Head. :)

Sara said...

My husband got so into that when we went on our first trip (maybe five years ago?). He went with a villain inspired one. I love the pirate motif.
That medallion is truly bad ass!

WandaWoman said...

Wow, that's a cool lanyard. Lots of edgy Mickey stuff. I like the keypin!

StarSpry said...

I love all the pins you got; they're awesome! Very cool Mickey medallion and key chain :D