Monday, June 02, 2008

May Wrap Up/June Goals

May Wrap Up:
**at least 5 Barn Raising squares--FINISHED 10--yeah, that's right, T-E-N
**Rage's Lapis socks--Finished one sock and got through the heel of the other

**QS Swimming with Dolphins SAL weekend(9-12)--DONE
**Provence Sampler SAL weekend(16-19)--DONE

**finish two books--DONE, I read 3 actually, both new books by Kresley Cole and Harlot's latest

June Goals:
**I need to finish 7 Skully Barn Raising Squares
**I'm only working on stuff that is already on the needles this month, no new cast-ons

**QS Swimming with Dolphins SAL Weekend(13-16)
**Provence Sampler SAL(20-23)
**TT K(on at least 2 QS Wednesdays)

**Finish one book(hopefully more)--and that one book will be Blood Noir by Laurell Hamilton which I am going to get as soon as I post this.

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Sara said...

May I have some of your ability to accomplish? lol