Monday, May 12, 2008

Weekends. . .they go so fast

This weekend seemed to go by especially fast.

Friday I was out the with the knitting crew. And there was a Pens game which I dvr'd because I was out and apparently Rage decided he wanted to watch something else(ie. Spongebob)and decided to turn the channel he guaranteed that I only got to watch the first period of the game by turning the dvr off early.

Saturday was just full of cleaning--inside and outside--it is amazing to me what the wind blows around here. I found a ton of stuff in the yard that came from God knows where. And my neighbors came back from Disney World and we just had to get the scoop on everything as the KiP household will be heading to the happiest place on earth in a matter of weeks--Tower of Terror, here I come! Then, of course, it was Robin Hood night on BBC America.

Sunday was a gorgeous day--way to nice to be inside. And it was Mother's Day. And the Penguins played last night. My DH, Rage, and Diva got me a Sidney Crosby jersey for Mother's Day. I haven't actually worn it yet because every time I wear a Pens jersey on game day, they lose and we can't have that.

I guess why I'm telling you all this is because there was very little crafty time this weekend. What little time I did have I spent work on. . .No, not Barn Raising squares--shocking, I know. . .it was Rage's STR Lapis sock. Here are the results of my stolen knitting moments this weekend:

I was supposed to be cross stitching this weekend, but honestly I need big blocks of time to cross stitch and I didn't have any of those this weekend. I do plan on cross stitching today though so I can fulfill my obligation to the HAED SAL Challenge. I'm shooting for 800 stitches today but I'll be thrilled if I can get 600 in.


Michelle said...

Sounds like a great weekend. Too bad about the Pens game on Friday. Helpful little guy, isn't he?

CynCyn said...

OMG. Gorgeous color. LOOOVE it. Glad Rage is able to help himself to what he needs.

WandaWoman said...

Disney World, yikes! Should be fun for the kiddos though.
Beautiful sock color. Little Rage has good taste, huh? Good luck on your stitchin' goals.