Wednesday, May 14, 2008

HAED SAL Challenge(4/12)

So far I have only missed on month of the SAL Challenge. This weekend I did all my stitching on Monday night. And yes, I did get in 800 stitches. I was on a roll; I'm just trying to imagine how much I would have gotten done if I had stitched all weekend.

Here's the progress:

(before--so you can get an idea of what 800 stitches is in the grand scheme of HAED stitching)

**clickable thumbnails(if you want to see them bigger)

Our Mermaid now has an arm and I am about 1000 stitches away from finishing the page! Hopefully that will happen over the next month.


Terrie said...

Looking good :) Good luck with finishing the page this month!

Kerry said...

Great progress. She's looking really pretty.