Tuesday, May 27, 2008

HAED 4th Weekend SAL

Every 4th weekend the HAED BB has a different themed SAL. This weekend's was a New Start SAL. All of you crafters out there know how hard it is to resist a new start.

I started something new this weekend although technically I have had this start planned since January I just haven't started it yet. It's one of the pieces on my yearly goals list and since it is now almost(cough, cough)June I figured I'd better get moving.

It's a piece taken from a larger piece of artwork by Selina Fenech called Fantasy Alphabet. HAED charted all the letters you can buy them as a whole or by the letter.

I, of course, am starting with the letter K. You know for Kim, knit, Knitter in Progress, and in the case of this piece of artwork, Kirin.

Here's the progress made over the weekend:

**clickable thumbnail**
Fabric: 32 count white linen(I can't remember what kind--it's been lingering in the stash)
Stitched: 2 over 2

It's a Tiny Treasure chart and as far as HAED charts go it's really easy. No laughing out there all you people who think I'm crazy for stitching these. These really are easy. They are short and have very few colors. So if there were any knitters out there who wanted to add something else to their crafty repertoire this might be just the thing ;)


Kerry said...

It's looking really pretty. Being a "K" myself, I'll be watching your progress on tis one.

Stacey said...

Hmmm...that almost makes me want to break down and buy a chart. I really like the "S". It's a little fairy. You realize that if I do this, you are going to have to help...a lot. :)

Michelle said...

LOL. I just read Stacey's comment and was about to post almost the exact same thing. It does look like a really good way to get back into stitching though. Not too big of a project and really cute to boot.