Thursday, May 01, 2008

April Wrap Up & May Goals

April Wrap up:
**rainbow socks for Diva--DONE!
**finish Clapotis--did I even touch the clapotis? Do I even know which knitting bag it's in? I think you get the idea.
**make headway on at least one other WIP--DONE! I got a bunch of Barn Raising Squares done.

**QS Swimming with Dolphins--SAL Challenge Weekend(11-14)--DONE!
**Provence Sampler--HAEDless Sampler SAL(18-21)--skipped--Diva was puking all weekend.
**I Love Thee and my unfinished biscournu in the interim--Nope.

I'm not too disappointed with my April goals. Is is just me or do months seem to be flying by? I don't even feel like it should be March yet and we're heading into May!

May Goals:
**at least 5 Barn Raising squares
**Rage's Lapis socks

**QS Swimming with Dolphins SAL weekend(9-12)
**Provence Sampler SAL weekend(16-19)

**finish two books

This month will be challenging in that the kiddos get out of school over the course of the month. Then mommy has to go into summer mode which usually means less free time for me--not that I have an overabundance right now.

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Karen said...

I agree the months are flying by, I'm going to blink and it will be August. Happy knitting and reading.