Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Wee Tiny Package :)

I received my Wee Tiny Sock on Monday. It traveled here all the way from the Netherlands. Femke made me a sock out of Regia cotton--a very springy sock indeed.

It made my day. Thanks, Femke, I love it!

Still no word if my sock has finished its trek to the other side of the world, stay tuned :)


2paw said...

Dear Kim, here's word. Your beautiful sock, keyring and cute sheepy stitch marker just arrived. Thank you so much from Tasmania!!!!

Sam said...

It's a cute one!

Laura said...

LOL Those tiny socks are adorable! Wishing I'd known about the exchange in time to play. Drat. Well, maybe next time. The springy colors in the one you got are delightful.